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US enriched uranium weapons caused Fallujah cancer, UK-Iraq study finds PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hamed Chapman- Muslim News   
Saturday, 10 December 2011 01:19

201009292284 The cause of congenital anomaly and cancer in the Iraqi city of Fallujah has been identified as Enriched Uranium from novel weapons systems deployed by the US, causing serious concern about such use in current and future warfare.


A new study found that both in the hair of the parents and in the environmental samples in the Iraqi city, the ratio of isotopes was significantly low, implying the presence of man-made Enriched Uranium and not Depleted Uranium as previously suspected.

With the high level dating back to 2005, it concludes that a uranium based weapon of some type was employed by the US in its notorious Battle of Fallujah.

?What we have found makes it perfectly clear that a new generation of Uranium based weapons exists, is being employed in all modern battlefields,? said Professor Chris Busby, one of the authors of the joint UK-Iraq report.

Busby said the result has been ?shocking? and that ?increases in cancer and congenital illness in innocent civilians and soldiers alike, and is the main cause of the high levels of cancer and congenital disease.?

Remarkably high levels of congenital anomaly at birth, together with high cancer rates in Fallujah were previously found in an earlier joint UK-Iraqi epidemiological study published in the International Journal of Environment and Public Health in July 2010.

The illnesses and unusual changes in the sex-ratio at birth, were shown to appear following the US-led attacks on the town, with many believing DU weapons were used but no evidence of this was available and was denied by the US.

The new study, published in September in Conflict and Health, examined the contamination of the parents of the children with congenital anomalies using hair samples from 25 fathers and mothers, particularly with long hair, as well as oil and water samples.

?These findings suggest the enriched Uranium exposure is either a primary cause or related to the cause of the congenital anomaly and cancer increases,? it concluded.

Busby, Visiting Professor at the University of Ulster in Belfast, said that with evidence of enriched uranium weapons being used in other places, like in Lebanon, it was ?most likely? they have been used by Nato in Libya.

?What we see is the deployment of a device of indiscriminate effect with terrible and indiscriminate consequences,? he warned.

The Professor also spoke of attempts to stop the joint UK-Iraq investigation, to prevent the findings from being published and even hackers being used.

?There has been a sustained effort to stop us making this study and then to stop us publishing it.?

?We have been attacked by people writing to our funders so we had no money to pay for the analyses, to the journals we were sending the study to even before we sent it, to our Universities and Hospitals and Institutions,? he said.

?It was rejected by The Lancet without even being sent for Peer Review. It was rejected by the International Journal of Environment and Public Health where we published our previous paper,? Busby said. Both the publications refused to comment on the allegations. ?We would never comment on whether or not we have even received any paper and our peer review and other internal procedures are confidential,? said The Lancet Spokesperson in a statement to The Muslim News.

He suggested that pressure was brought on the editors from outside ?by people who hacked into the computers of the authors and knew about the paper before the journal received it.?

?The implications of this discovery are extremely serious,? Busby warned, adding that it shows ?uranium is now being used routinely in anti-personnel weapons and no longer only in anti tank weapons.?

?It means that the focus of the NGOs on banning Depleted Uranium (DU) is misplaced and such a ban pointless since DU has not been deployed for a long time as the military rightly (and with some concealed amusement) say,? he said.

?The local civilian effects and global civilian exposures to this material represents a human rights issue of the greatest magnitude,? he believed.



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